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There is absolutely no better way to improved your authority online and offline then to become a published author with a best selling book under your belt.

Seems impossible or out of reach? Think again!

Instant Expert Status

Raise Above The Competition

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Offer not available at this time but book an appointment to see if you qualify for the next multi-author book at only $999 to become a best selling author…

Multi-author book special offer to make you a best selling author for a fraction of the cost of our connoisseur package.


* There is an interview process to determine if you qualify to ensure the best quality possible



I never thought I could be a best selling author in a million years but here I am! Trust me this will impress your clients and prospects everytime you mention it!

– Jean-Nicolas P.


I was skeptical at first but the moment I mentioned I was a published author I got instant respect and even admiration! 

– Judy S.


I use my book as an instant authority builder. Whenever I go to events I bring books and offer it to prospects and then I can get an appointment with them easily. It works flawlessly! It’s magic!

– Allan G.

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